To celebrate Yi Ou Lai Suzhou’s British heritage and enduring commitment to creativity and innovation, Red Bridge helped the Village launch its Best of British Festival – a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship and innovation and the best of all things British.

During the Festival Yi Ou Lai Suzhou was transformed with traditional English landscape gardens, art installations that captured the spirit of quintessential Britain and pop up carts serving British favourites such as fish and chips and ice cream. As the centrepiece of the Festival, Yi Ou Lai hosted the GREAT Creations Exhibition on the first stop of its world tour. Comprising of a unique collection of bespoke objects that have been generously created for the GREAT Britain Campaign – a UK-Government led initiative to encourage the world to visit, study and do business with GREAT Britain – by some of the UK’s most creative talents in the fields of music, fashion, design and film.

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