Red Bridge has developed a new content strategy on Chinese social media platforms for DFS, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, to combine the in-store promotions and special services with high-quality editorial destination stories,via peer-to-peer tonality and outstanding story telling angles, which are based on Chinese consumers’ behaviours and local social media developing trends. Aligning with the market positioning of DFS Red Bridge has been building the online community of Chinese global-travellers in order to generate brand awareness and to help to drive traffic to the outbound off-line stores.

Since DFS’s official WeChat account launched, Red Bridge has successfully recruited almost 20,000 followers in 7 months, with 3 localized editorial destination features achieving almost 60,000 viewership on WeChat with a 5% engagement rate. Next steps include more destination stories to engage with online consumers during Golden Week and the New Year period.

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