Last week, Managing Partner, Nicky Wang, flew to Miami to take part in a panel discussion at this year’s PRovoke16, hosted by the Holmes Report. The Fifth Global Public Relations Summit, one of the most important events in the global PR calendar, was themed around critical issues facing the profession.

Nicky, drawing on her extensive global experience, sat alongside other leaders of independent agencies in new markets to explore successful strategies for communications agencies in emerging countries and advise on best practice models.

She highlighted innovation as a key factor in an agency’s success, noting that consumers, particularly in China, are now spoilt with such a wealth of content that they have become tired of ‘just following’ brands that aren’t delivering unique, interesting and entertaining stories. To succeed, agencies should therefore focus on the quality of each piece of content, rather than the quantity of content being released.

For Red Bridge, a working solution has been to continue building out the vertical digital and content specialisms within the agency, whilst fully integrating execution teams with the account service teams. This gives them the freedom to explore, discover and innovate whilst ensuring that their cutting edge ideas are not removed from the day-to-day reality of clients.

Nicky also highlighted how, whilst planning cycles have been shortened to ensure communications tactics are in line with real time consumer interests, agencies need to aid their client’s role internally by demonstrating how the communications strategy ties into the longer term direction of the company.  


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