To generate news coverage around baby sleep and position Gro as the leading safer sleep brand from the U.K., Red Bridge planned and facilitated a research survey conducted through, the leading survey platform in China.

The survey was conducted amongst 1,000 Chinese people living in top-tier cities, who are married with kids under 3 years-old, with the aim to understand the Chinese family dynamic, babies’ sleep habits and patterns, and what sleep aids parents use to ensure their child has a safe and superior sleep. Key findings concluded that almost half of Chinese parents lie awake at night worrying about whether their baby is getting enough sleep.

Nearly half of respondents (46.9%) worried whether their baby’s lack of sleep would impact their future development. Further more, a third of parents also went to bed each night worrying about their baby suffocating while they slept. Despite these worries, it was found that only 22.1% of the Chinese babies sleep in ‘sleeping bags’, while 38.8% still sleep in traditional blankets, considered to be more comfortable. The newer baby sleeping bags mean parents do not have to use any additional bedding for their baby and ensures that their child cannot bury himself or herself under the covers, providing a safer and more stable sleep.

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