On Tuesday 12th September 2017, our global thought leadership survey “Brands in Motion” was launched in partnership with Campaign Asia.

The headline revealed that in today’s fast paced world and shifting business landscape the concept of a static brand positioning is dead. Today brands are being constantly buffeted and moved by forces beyond your control, and this in turn is shaping the way stakeholders perceive entire industries, as well as individual brands.

The global study, covering the UK, USA and China, as well as Germany, Australia and South Africa , revealed that whilst you have less control actually there is more opportunity. That is the good news.

At yesterday’s launch, over 30 highly seasoned marketing and communications experts across a broad range of industry sectors were given insights into the study’s findings and debated “Are you propelling your brand or is it being propelled by external factors? How do you harness that motion?”

If you would like to find out how to capture your momentum and get moving in today’s world, the please contact us at info@we-redbridge.com for more information and a copy of the study.

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