Penny Burgess, WE Red Bridge China CEO, sat down to discuss how she came to found Red Bridge Communications, its recent merger with the world’s 2nd largest independent agency network and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Here is a snapshot of her key insights:

  • The merger with WE has enhanced the agency’s offering so that it now encompasses: corporate communications, lifestyle (consumer marketing), healthcare and technology.

  • Dedicated Insights & Analytics and Design teams have been established to strengthen strategic thinking and creativity.

  • Being an independent means that WE REdbridge offers the best of both a boutique agency and a global network; nimble, adaptable, efficient and accountable. These are all key requirements for today’s business environment.

  • The biggest changes in the industry is the disruption that has been caused by technology be it the use of digital and social media, the need for employees with more digital/technology backgrounds to more creatives for content generation.

  • Understanding the changing industry and environment, has led to WE Communications conducting a Brands in Motion study that has allowed the agency to develop a framework to understand the reality of brands in today’s world and enable executives to make informed decisions and act accordingly.

  • Being a leader is about having a clear goal, keeping focused, and leading and inspiring people every day.

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