Norwegian salmon is back on the Chinese market—and it aims to be bigger than ever. Salmon is big business for Norway, the world’s largest salmon farmer and leader in farming technology.

With greater market access to China, the Norwegian Seafood Council looked to host the largest seafood delegation in Norwegian history on a state visit to China, headed by Norwegian Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg.

For a communications program of this level, WE Red Bridge developed a corporate strategy that outlined the Council’s mission and vision for the Chinese market: Target 2025.

As part of the release of Norway’s ‘Target 2025,’ we hosted national and local media at a press conference as part of the state visit, where they listened and met with the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, the executive bench of the Norwegian Seafood Council and President of China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) on Norway’s targets for China.

The results were positive: In the weeks following the event, over 195 in-depth articles across online, social and print ran the news of Target 2025, reigniting consumer interest in Norwegian salmon. The Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China also echoed this sentiment of the product.

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