The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop global markets for Norwegian seafood. In 2014 a market analysis project was undertaken for Norwegian Cod in China and a number of key insights were discovered during this process, including:

  • Norwegian Cod is close to nonexistent in the mind of Chinese consumers.

  • There is a lack of distinction between the species that make up the “XueYu” category and therefore no differentiation between different types of white fish, including cod.

  • The main identified benefits for buying Norwegian Arctic Cod in China was the Norwegian origin itself, food safety, high nutritional value, high quality, and versatility of cooking.

The main challenge was how to differentiate the Norwegian Arctic Cod from Silver XueYu, and avoid consumer disappointment.

Red Bridge was tasked with undertaking a brand analysis to review the current status and positioning, and develop a refined and clear brand platform for on-going marketing communications.

Defining key market objectives.


Firstly it was important to define the market objectives for Norwegian Arctic Cod in China; increase the understanding, drive penetration, reinforce safety and nutrition, build a perception of versatility and ease of cooking.

From here we facilitated a stakeholder workshop as well as a series of focus groups, and undertook in-store visits. The findings helped to uncover five key points of differentiation to shape the brand platform:

  • Norwegian provenance

  • Cold deep sea to kitchen

  • Consistency and safety in the product

  • Nutrition & health

  • Versatility & convenience

Sharing the taste of Norway.


We developed the brand essence of:


and developed a bilingual Brand Book specific to the China market, including Core Customer Profile, Brand Essence, Brand Values, Brand Personality, Brand Benefits, Reasons to Believe, Brand Narrative, Brand Look, Brand Keywords, and Glossary of Terms.